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The YiSheng in Zhejiang prosperous and petrochemical limited company establish in 2003, is one from Zhejiang HengYi group limited company, glory in Zhejiang RongSheng group limited company¡¢jiabai international inverstment CO..LTD and hongkong shenghui CO..LTD common investment establish of profession produce Jing to benzene two As be sour(PTA) of modernization large and petrochemical business enterprise.The company locate at in rather wave the economy technique development area, cover 1030 acres, currently own total property 7,000,000,000 or so, employee's more than 600s, already formation year production & sales lead 10,000,000,000 scale, is rather point in the wave City support of 100100000000 one of the engineering business enterprises.
    The company adjacent our country a deep water big harbor ?? north Lun harbor, the kit have an equipments to swallow to vomit quantity the sea transportation chemical engineering of super 1,800,000 tonses wharf for the perfect year, geography position with abundant resources, raw material, product conveyance convenience.Company from PTA profession in the world top technique patent the company and engineering company provide technique and design.Main equip and the equipments is from Europe, the United States, day etc. the country usher in, craft technique forerunner mature, engineering design safety credibility. Company value the talented person's development and usher in, for employee establishment the encourage of the passage and system of the occupation career of science mechanism.The company above educational background employee's comparison of the university undergraduate course attain 72.5%, the university be above to have 95% and constituted a powerful technique and management team. Company persistence take market as direction, concern customer benefits, strict pair of quality pass, pay attention to process excellent turn with control, effort the exaltation service quality with respond to speed, insure company and customer benefits to maximize. Under the all Yi prosperous person's joint effort, Yi in Zhejiang prosperous and petrochemical limited company in short 4 years inside realization production value from zero-10,000,000,000 of break, the company be for successive years review for rather the wave City pay tax 50 strong, have the honor of acquiring four star classes to pay tax forerunner business enterprise title, 2007 reside Zhejiang province run by private capital 100 the strong business enterprise ranking be the 38th.
    Outlook future, heavy load through thick and thin.The all Yi prosperous person will take orders the business enterprise spirit of "harmony be enterprising and expand innovation", make great effort to make country strong, unremittingly pursue, continuously strengthen business enterprise core competencies, company construction become a product technique top-grade, business enterprise management top-grade, the corporate culture be top-grade of modernization large PTA produce business enterprise.


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